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Many legal issues intersect and overlap, especially with regard to litigation. The attorneys you choose to represent you should be able to address the key issues you are facing and uncover any issues that may arise as a result of your initial legal concern.

At Elias Law Offices, we take a comprehensive look at every case that comes across our desks. Our goal is to always deliver quality service that is based on integrity, genuine concern for our clients' futures and the ability to see the big picture.

As confident and effective York County trial attorneys, the attorneys of Elias Law Offices represent individuals in a wide range of legal issues throughout York County and surrounding areas in Maine. These areas of law include:

Civil Litigation Attorneys Who Know Their Way Around The Courtroom

Courtroom proceedings in many areas of law, not just criminal law, require the ability to investigate cases, gather witness statements, present evidence and negotiate deals when appropriate. These are the key elements to helping you obtain the outcome you are seeking.

When your case is handed over to a judge in court, you lose a great deal of control over decision-making. It is crucial, then, that your attorneys have an effective presence when working with and/or against prosecutors and other key players in the legal system.

We have strong, professional relationships with key players in the legal community, including opposing parties. This is evidenced in the confident referrals from satisfied clients and fellow attorneys that we have built our law firm on. It plays a key role in helping our clients achieve the goals they set out for.

The Client Reviews of Elias Law Offices attest to our reputation for excellence and integrity, and our ability to achieve the most favorable results.

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