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Attorney Referrals

Many clients for whom we provide legal services have been referred to us by other attorneys, both within Maine, and from other states. At Elias Law Offices, we always honor our split-fee agreement with the referring attorneys, and welcome any request that the referring attorneys may have to participate in the proceedings, or to simply be advised as to the status of the case, at any time from the date of the referral, until the matter is finally resolved.

And of course, we comply with all applicable provisions of the Maine Rules of Professional Conduct, particularly as to the requirement of full disclosure of the fee-splitting agreement, by incorporating the client’s written consent to the arrangement as a provision in our fee agreements.

Our goal at Elias Law Offices is to achieve the best possible results for our mutual client, and for the client to feel confident that the referring attorney has made every effort to take care of the legal needs of the client.

Attorneys who have referred cases to us attest to our reputation for excellence and integrity, and our ability to achieve the most favorable results.

Attorney Testimonials

“Attorney Elias is always extremely well-prepared, whether to negotiate or for trial. Because he treats both clients and colleagues with respect, he is universally regarded with trust and respect. I have no hesitation in referring complex civil and criminal cases to his office.”

R. C., Attorney, Biddeford, Maine.

“For the past 8 years, I have had the privilege of seeing Tom Elias practice law. Tom knows the law very well and is an excellent advocate for his clients. You can trust him. He will work hard for you. When I have been conflicted out of cases, I have referred clients to him.”

S. H., Attorney, Biddeford, Maine.

“Attorney Elias combines his vast knowledge of the law with a presence, inside and outside the courtroom, that provides his clients with the utmost confidence. He exhibits the highest respect for the legal processes, especially as it relates to his interactions with his clients and other attorneys. As a result, he is known for his professional and ethical standards, and due to his skill and expertise, on many occasions I have and will continue to refer clients to him. I personally consider Attorney Elias to be an unequalled legal resource in southern Maine, and I know that my opinion is shared both by the legal community, as well as all the clients whom he has represented.”

R. P., Attorney, Kennebunk, Maine.

“I have had the honor and privilege of being a colleague of Tom Elias for 15 years. Mr. Elias has embodied an excellent knowledge of the law, courtroom presence, and trial skills while professionally interacting with judges, other attorneys, and clients. I have referred numerous clients to Mr. Elias.”

D. Q., Attorney, Kennebunk, Maine.

“Attorney Elias is a fierce advocate for the rights of his client. As a fellow attorney, Attorney Elias is respectful, professional and always prepared. I have and will continue to refer clients to Attorney Elias.”

A. T., Attorney, Wells, Maine.

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