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Strong Legal Representation Against Domestic Violence And Assault Charges

A domestic violence or assault charge is serious. Being arrested for a violent crime will follow you for years to come, even if you are found not guilty.

At Elias Law Offices, our York County domestic violence and assault attorneys understand the complex nature of these charges and how they arise.  They see their clients throughout Maine as individuals who deserve to have their story heard and their best interests represented in the courtroom. 

Our firm was built on integrity and a solid reputation for delivering quality results. If you need a strong advocate on your side, we can be there for you.

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The Understanding And Advocacy You Need

Conflicts between individuals in any cohabitation situation can result in domestic violence, whether between spouses, family members, between individuals who are dating, or between roommates. A domestic violence charge can relate to any type of abuse, not just physical force. An individual may be able to press charges because of sexual abuse, verbal threats or economic abuse.

As soon as you are charged with domestic violence, you can be forced out of your home, be unable to contact the victim or have a Protection from Abuse Order filed against you. This is true even if you are found not guilty of a criminal offense. If you are found guilty, you could face collateral consequences such as the permanent loss of your right to own a firearm.

It is crucial that you work with attorneys if you have been charged with a sex crime or violent crime. We customize representation to each of our clients, working relentlessly to have charges dropped, have charges reduced and otherwise avoid convictions altogether when possible.

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