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Protecting Your Parental Rights

Parental rights are most easily established within a legal marriage, but there are many circumstances outside of marriage that require a legal pursuit of parental rights. In cases of divorced or unmarried couples with children, the separating couple must still determine appropriate child custody, child support and visitation rights.

At Elias Law Offices, our attorneys represent parents throughout York County and surrounding areas of Maine who are facing child custody and visitation issues. We believe that parents and children benefit from solid, clear parental rights outlined under the law and strive to deliver results that will set families up for success for years to come.

Representing Parents In Custody And Visitation Disputes

You may need to assert and establish your rights as a parent in divorce proceedings. Important decisions will often relate to your child’s education, health care, choice of religion, and location of residence. These decisions can often be more difficult because of the contentious relationship between divorcing parents.

A child custody lawyer at Elias Law Offices will work to advocate your rights, and your child’s best interest, and achieve results with favorable child custody provisions

We care about helping parents and families discover solutions that meet their unique needs. To discuss your divorce, parental rights and responsibilities, custody or visitation case with an experienced family law attorney, call us at 207-209-2655, toll free at 866-614-0975 or contact us online.